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Display and mobile advertising
Display advertising

Reach your audience with Adsflyhigh.

Create an account, submit campaigns and expose your ads to everyone whether he uses desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Mobile advertising

Enjoy our various targeting features and reach your audience.

Geo targeting: choose between nearly 200 countries for your ads to be shown.
Device targeting: users access Internet via various devices – target only the ones your ads are optimized for.
Operating System (OS) targeting: choose between Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and others.
Browser targeting: select between all the major browsers both in Mobile and Desktop.
Time Targeting (day parting): run your advertising campaigns exactly when you wish them to run.
Category targeting: decide if you wish to run your ads on mainstream, adult or both.
Publisher targeting: analyze your stats and choose the best converting sites for your offers.
Frequency Capping: set the maximum number of impressions every unique user will receive per specified time.

Advanced Targeting

Advertise easy and enjoy full control of your campaigns.

Enjoy our proprietary Self-Serve advertising platform that allows you to be in absolute control of your campaigns.

Using our self-serve platform is super easy:
- Submit your campaign
- Adjust targeting, bid or any other settings at any time
- Analyze your campaign results and optimize it to get even better results
- Start/stop your campaigns at any time

Dedicated manager

We're online and ready to help.

In case you need any assistance using our Self-Self platform you can always ask your manager for help or use our email and skype support. Be sure that your query will not be left unanswered.

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About us

Adsflyhigh is a digital marketing company offering an advanced advertising solution that allows affiliate marketers, mobile developers and other online companies to advertise over the Internet.

Drive users to your product or service, optimize your advertising campaigns and scale up for maximum gain.

If you’re looking for brand awareness or increase in conversions - you’ve come to the right place.

Being an online advertising network, we combine focus, expertise and a full dedication to your success.

Our advertising solutions help you reach your target audience and boost your ROI.

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